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This day began with me donning gloves and cleaning the bathroom at work after a young boy spent some time in there, but failed to use the toilet –for any of his needs. Enough said. My next work debacle included several hours spent gathering data on a spreadsheet to supply to our auditors, only to lose the document in the bowels of the computer, never to be seen again. Such is the life of a non-profit executive. Glamorous, it is not.

But speaking of glamour, and on a much happier note, it’s Flowers In The House over at Jane’s. So I headed out to my fading yard after dark, to see what I could collect for an early autumn bouquet to bring to the party. I tucked some sedum, dogwood leaves, caladium and red fountain grass fronds into a tall marbly vase that was a wedding gift.

20130909-222534.jpgFelix the Cat stopped by to take a sniff.

More sedum, hydrangea, lavender stalks, a few stragglers from the asters, and some wintercreeper clippings went into a pottery vase that I rescued many years ago from a discard pile outside the ceramics lab at college. I rather like the scorch marks.

20130909-223810.jpgPirate rather likes the flowers!

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