Tonight I spotted, through the weeds and overgrown bushes in my poor neglected flowerbeds, a flash of hot pink. Thinking I had planted an heirloom hibiscus, I wandered into the bed to check out why the leaves appeared to be turning red. I discovered that, in fact, I had brought home from an herb faire a purple monarda bee balm when it was just an unrecognizable shoot of a thing. And now it’s showing off! I need to find a stake for it, but I hope it in fact does attract hummingbirds, as promised.

20130808-212958.jpg The other discovery of the day were these delightful, voluptuous donut peaches, so-called because of their flat, round shape and almost-hole in the middle. They are deliciously sweet! Upon further research I discovered that they are also called Saturn peaches. I rather like that name. Either way, they make a lovely dessert.