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I’m enjoying a rare day off, right in the middle of the week, and it gives me a chance to join Jane’s Flowers In the House party. I’m definitely late to the party, but this is what vacation days are for, and it seems too fun not to join in.
We inherited a bedraggled hydrangea when we moved in 8 years ago. I love the way the blooms fade like watercolors from blue to pink. By summer’s end they’ll be green. I tucked in a woodland fern that grows in the same bed.

The first coneflower of the year has bloomed. I added smoke bush, a few spikes of salvia and a coral bell bloom.I love the antique pitcher, passed to me from my mom.

I have a fascination with miniature things, and had fun collecting bits of geranium, carnation, spirea, lavender, gypsophila and euphorbia to fill my itty bitty vases.