It’s that sort of winter. The kind we haven’t had for years, so we were due. Here comes another snow day, and I never, EVER get tired of the unplanned bonus of a day at home. When I was a child we would listen to the radio announcing school closings one by one (it didn’t take long with a handful of districts in the county) and cheer when we heard our school announced. (Although it’s possible that my mother may have shed a tear of quiet desperation in a corner somewhere at the thought of the six of us home and snow-bound). I still feel that same childish joy at being handed an unexpected day to be at home. Between work emails and phone calls, there’s time to do the things that I never seem to get time to do. So what to do with a snow day?

20140203-095739.jpgPaint stuff. This week I bought some very cool Porcelaine 150 paints from Pebeo. Once baked in the oven, the paint is supposed to be dishwasher and microwave-proof. I’m practicing on some cheap mugs. Next up: my Salvation Army porcelain chocolate pot.

20140203-101427.jpgNap. These guys already know the best use of a snow day.

20140203-102535.jpgMake music. My band September Crossing is back in the rehearsal groove again after the holidays, and I have lots of music to learn!

20140203-102842.jpgBe still. Watch the snow accumulate. It’s hypnotic, and restful.